Energy Isles was created to develop a plan for a large-scale wind farm in the north of Yell. The scope of the proposed development is currently for a 50-turbine wind farm that has the potential to generate up to 200 MW of clean electricity, sited in the north of Yell.

In 2017 we asked the Energy Consents Unit for their formal opinion on the information we would need to supply in our Environmental Statement and we are currently in the early stages of our Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) based on their response.

The design of the Energy Isles Wind Farm will continue to evolve as the survey work progresses. Following completion of the site surveys, all survey results, technical constraints and feedback from the local community consultation will feed into a design process to ensure the final design of the wind farm is appropriate for the site.

Our initial scoping layout at the site included 63 turbines; however, results of surveys to date have already reduced the number of proposed turbines from 63 to 50, with hub heights of 90-100m and rotor diameters of greater than 120m.

The final layout will be assessed within an Environmental Statement, which will be submitted with the planning application in 2019.