Energy Isles is a consortium of over fifty mainly Shetland-based businesses with a strong desire to ensure that the benefits of Shetland's emerging new renewable energy sector are retained as far as possible within the isles.

The companies in the consortium are from a wide variety of existing sectors, including crofting, farming, fishing, aquaculture, transport, renewables and support services. Several are based in the North Isles.

Energy Isles was formed in 2014 to develop a plan for a wind farm in the north of Yell.

It has now submitted a planning application to Scottish Ministers under Section 36 of the Electricity Act.

The scope of the proposed development is for the erection of a 29-turbine wind farm and associated infrastructure, sited in the north of Yell and with the potential to generate up to 200 MW of clean electricity.

The Energy Isles Wind Farm project is designated a Major Planning Application and will be decided by Scottish Ministers who will consider the interests of energy and planning policy, community interests, socio-economic benefits and environmental considerations.